Alloy steel strips are used whenever standard high carbon steel grades cannot reach the requested results. Different grades contain specific alloyed elements to emphasize the main properties which are important for specific applications. Different values can be discussed with our team of experts that will help our customers to get better results in their production.

615051CrV40.47 - 0.55Max 0.400.70 - 1.10Max 0.025Max 0.0250.90 - 1.200.10 - 0.25

Supply Conditions: Cold Rolled, Annealed, Spheroidize Annealed, Hardened & Tempered.

Thickness: 0.15-2.50mm

Width: 8.00-300.00mm

Hardness: 29-55HRC

Surface: nature, polished, blue, yellow, black

Edge: slit, sheared, square, rouned


Hubei Baomit Steel Materials Co., Ltd.

Baomit excels as the global leader and an expert in cold rolled precision steel strips since 2011. Our experienced processing capabilities give our customers access to the tighter tolerances with higher precision. Baomit’s team of experts personalize material solutions to suit your precise needs and manufacturing processes. We offer precision steel strips, foils, aligned with reliable delivery for multiple applications in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, power.

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alloyed steel strips
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Our Service Center Processing Capabilities

cold rolling
strip slitting
Cold Rolling

Cold rolled strip is a popular metal product within the aerospace, automotive, and agricultural industry where it is stamped, deep drawn, or formed using other methods for various applications. Baomit transforms hot rolled steel coils into cold rolled precision strips.

• Precision Rolling to Tolerances
.0003″ to .125″ Gauge (0.00762mm – 3.175mm)

• Thickness Tolerance
+/- .0005″ (+/- 0.0127mm)

• Width Range
.020″ – 14″ (0.508mm – 355.6mm)

• Width Tolerance
+/- .005″ (+/- 0.127mm)

Slitting is a process to separate a material at finish gauge and temper into the width as required. Apart from width, edge condition, coil support, coil inner diameter, coil size are all characteristics of the final product that are realized during final slitting.
Hardening and Tempering
This is our original and actual core business. Hardened and tempered steel strips has comprehensive mechanical properties with good strength, hardness and toughness. We properly harden and temper carbon steel strips to satisfy the most demanding specifications of our customers.
Quality Testing
At Baomit, our team of experts and engineers are expertly trained in producing to exact specifications. We control critical aspects of our strip steel materials, including properties, dimensions, and chemistries, leading to consistency and higher performance.


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Rich experience working with cold rolled precision steel strips in multiple industries, has led us to the forefront in applications. You’ll be assisted by our team of experts each time, enabling you to establish a strong working relationship. Contact a Specialist!



cold rolled steel strip 51crv4, 6150
cold rolled steel strip 51crv4, 6150
cold rolled steel strip 51crv4, 6150