Manufacturing Capabilities

Precision Strip Steel: High Carbon Steel Strips, Alloyed Steel Strips, Hardened and Tempered Steel Strips.

Baomit excels as the global leader and expert in precision steel strips since 2011.




Cold Rolling

Cold rolled strip is a popular metal product within the aerospace, automotive, and agricultural industry where it is stamped, deep drawn, or formed using other methods for various applications. Baomit transforms hot rolled coils into precision cold rolled strips.

• Precision Rolling to Tolerances

.0003″ to .125″ Gauge (0.00762mm – 3.175mm)

• Thickness Tolerance

+/- .0005" (+/- 0.0127mm)

                               • Width Range

                                                                                                                              .020″ – 14″ (0.508mm – 355.6mm)

                    • Width Tolerance

                      +/- .005" (+/- 0.127mm)





Slitting is a process to separate a material at finish gauge and temper into the width as required. Apart from width, edge condition, coil support, coil inner diameter, coil size are all characteristics of the final product that are realized during final slitting.









Long experience in edge’s trimming allows us to offer a wide range of standard and customers’ specifications.

• A.I.S.I. No. 1 – Round Edge

• A.I.S.I No. 3 – Slit Edge
                                                                                                                                       • A.I.S.I. No. 5 - Square Edge




Hardening and Tempering

This is our original and actual core business.

Hardened and tempered strip steel has comprehensive mechanical properties with good strength, hardness and toughness. We properly harden and temper carbon steel strips to satisfy the most demanding specifications of our customers.








Each strip coil will be wrapped with Vapor Phase Inhibited (VPI) plastic or paper for protection and anti-corrosion. On each pallet we have proper labelling with full traceability: quality, size, weight, customer’s order and part number and our production lot.






Quality Testing
Certificates & Datasheets

At Baomit, our team of experts and engineers are expertly trained in producing to exact specifications. We control critical aspects of our strip steel materials, including properties, dimensions, and chemistries, leading to consistency and higher performance.
We are dedicated to being a premier producer of precision strip coils & band saw blades, with each order expertly manufactured to your exact specifications. We’re here to supply what you need. From low quantities of high quality metals, to larger quantity orders.