Diamond wire saw blade is a flexible cutting tool in which the wire is processed into closed loops and then coated with diamonds. Diamonds are evenly distributed and well wrapped on the wire. Cutting speed of the diamond wire blade is much faster than traditional cutting tools, which greatly improves work efficiency. Benefit from the small cutting blade as well as high film yield, diamond wire saw blades can greatly save materials.

Diamond wire features high efficiency, high cutting precision and smooth cutting surface. After cutting, the surface has good mirror effect and materials can be directly polished. Diamond wire saw blades are designed to cut all kinds of hard and brittle materials: silicon, graphite, stone, ceramic, glass, precious metals, and the chipping edge is less than 10mm, which can avoid edge or bottom chipping caused by inner circle cutting.

diamond wire saw blade, diamond blade

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Continuous Diamond Coating

diamond wire blades
diamond wire blades
BDGW Continuously Diamond Coated Wire Blade for Cutting Silicon, Graphite, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, etc.
BDGW-S Continuously Diamond Coated Wire Blade for Cutting Silicon, Graphite, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, etc.


• Continuous diamond coating on wire

• Customized grain sizes

• Backing material made of alloyed special steel / stainless steel


• High cutting efficiency

• High cutting precision

• Low cutting cost

• Low electricity consumption

• Dry cutting and wet cutting to meet the needs of different production environments.

• Easy and convenient replacement, can be completed in minutes or even tens of seconds.


• Hard and brittle materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, glass, metals.

• Soft materials such as graphite, plastic, cellular materials.

• Others such as tires, engines.

Manufacturing Sizes

Outer Diameter (mm)Grain SizeTensile Strength (N)Loop Length (mm)
0.50170/200, 200/2301801000-10000
0.60140/170, 170/2002601000-10000
0.65140/170, 170/2002601000-10000
0.80120/140, 140/1704001000-10000

diamond wire saw blade, diamond blade

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