Your Premier Materials Partner for

Precision Strip Steel Coils and Band Saw Blades

We work together with our customers to specify the perfect compositions, finish, edge condition,

mechanical properties, applications, and more.




The Development Partnership is an extension of your experience.

Baomit offers end to end materials support for demanding applications. We assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet your manufacturing needs and help you push the limits of innovation.






01 | Speak to a Specialist

Our specialist will discuss with you and to creat an initial understanding about material and application needs:

Setting goals, material range, machine, application conditions, etc.


02 | Define Material Properties

Using the information obtained in the initial consultation, Baomit will create a material specification

with your product’s success in mind.


03 | Process a Trial Order

We will take the created material specification as a guidline and produce a small amount of material

for testing and initial evaluation.


04 | Feedback + Improvement

Based on feedback of the initial trial order from our customer, our product team will work with you

to consider the possibility of any improvement and confirm final specifications.


05 | Bulk Production

A unique part number will be created, ensuring the material is processed in the same way every time.

Your each order will be expertly manufactured to your exact specifications.


Personalized Material Solutions
Partner with Leading Experts

Baomit offers a wide range of products and solutions across multiple industries, helping your ideas become a reality. We are dedicated to being a premier producer of precision strip coils and band saw blades, with each order expertly manufactured to your exact specifications.
With Baomit’s first-class technical team, you can gain access to precision steel processing, forming simulation and analysis. Our team of experts can deliver custom material solutions to maximize the performance of your application.