Your Premier Materials Partner for

Precision Strip Steel Coils and Band Saw Blades

We work together with our customers to specify the perfect compositions, finish, edge condition,

mechanical properties, applications, and more.



Personalized Industry Solutions

Baomit’s team of experts personalize material solutions to suit your precise needs and manufacturing processes. We offer a wide range of quality products aligned with reliable delivery for multiple applications in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, power generation, and other industrial markets.





Manufacturing Capabilities

Baomit excels as the global leader and expert in precision cold rolled steel strips since 2011. Our experienced processing capabilities give our customers access to the tighter tolerances with higher precision.






Quality Testing

At Baomit, our team of experts and engineers are expertly trained in producing to exact specifications. We control critical aspects of our strip steel materials, including properties, dimensions, and chemistries, leading to consistency and higher performance.






MOQFlexible MOQs

Product development often requires a small amount of materials to test product properties. And when customers are sourcing a long-term supplier partner, they normally place small orders at the beginning. We use our supply chain power to pass along better pricing, better delivery performance, flexible MOQs, and other advantages that help our customers.





Development Partnership

Baomit offers end to end materials support for demanding applications. We assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet your manufacturing needs and help you push the limits of innovation.