Diamond coated wire saw blade is a flexible cutting tool in which the wire is processed into closed loops and then coated with diamonds. Mainly used for cutting hard, brittle and fibrous materials, including monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, ceramics, tires, stones, precious metals, gemstones.

wire saw blades



• Continuous diamond coating on wire

• Customized grain sizes

• Backing material made of alloyed special steel / stainless steel



• High cutting efficiency (speed up to 60m/s)

• Long blade-life

• High cutting precision

• Low cutting cost

• Low electricity consumption

• No cooling lubricant



• Hard and brittle materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, glass, metal.

• Soft materials such as graphite, plastic, cellular materials.

• Others such as tires, engines.


Personalized Solutions

We can produce customized wire length, diameter for different applications. Due to the rather unique applications of diamond cutting wire saw baldes, please fill the form with the material you want to cut and the required wire length and diameter. Our specialist will get in touch with you soon!


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